Success Stories

Every client's story is unique.

Callie, strategic director

Refreshing resume.

Callie was looking to refresh her resume that had not been touched for almost 10+ years. She had progressed well throughout her career but struggled to incorporate this into her resume. She was excited to explore new opportunities outside her current role and wanted to highlight her diverse exposure to working in different countries around the world.


Switching industries

Devon was looking to switch careers, but needed to tell a better story and highlight how his work experience and technical skills could add value to a new employer. His resume was too long, so his accomplishments were too buried too deep to be noticed by recruiters.

Dan, Chief excecutive officer

Exploring their opportunites

Dan has had an extremely successful career leading various companies as a Chief Executive Officer. He wanted to broaden the scope of his work and expertise to be considered for roles outside of general management including Revenue Operations, Digital Growth and Business Development.


Climbing the corporate ladder.

Chris wanted to showcase his people management skills in order to move into a managerial position. He needed help identifying transferable skills gained throughout his experience and creating actionable results for his division. His original resume simply didn’t give recruiters a good idea of his career goals.


Stand out from the competition.

“Ressy helped me include keywords that recruiters in my field were really looking for. I felt like my resume was finally a reflection of my experience and what I was looking for...”

- Elizabeth

We are committed to your FUTURE.

Cole, P

mortage specialist

Very professional and quick turn-around time. The team modified my resume with good word selection and added that prefessional and personal touch, very satisfied with their service.

Joseph, K

Brand Director

Ressy transformed my resume by speaking to me in detail about my work experience. They articulatedthe experience in a polished manner and made sure that the area of expertise is highlighted along with the keywords the headhunters/ recruiters are searching for. They sent my resume withing 24 hours and I had an interview within a week.

Jill, C

Account Executive

I was deciding between a slightly cheaper writing service (Resume People) and Ressy and I am satisfied with the quality of service I received. The format and content was great and I felt that the team was extremely knowledgeable for North American recruitment.

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